The craftsman has spent 12 years reconstructing the overwhelming baroque scenes of the Berlin Palace façade. This demanding work required an intensive confrontation with the Italian and northern European Baroque and general European sculptural tradition dating back to Greek antiquity.

The work is called “Transit,” in reference to Anna Seghers’ exile novel, which describes expulsion and flight. Korner read the book at 18 and forgot about it afterward, but in hindsight the themes of the literature never really left him. Transit – the passage.

Side by side, in front of and behind each other, the figures align in a stair-like formation at a 45 degree angle: Holy figures, martyrs and prophets of every religion, delinquents of the Spanish Inquisition, stars, idols and icons of rock and pop music, mythological figures, fighters, soldiers with gas masks, comic book characters (such as Batman and Bart Simpson), veiled women, cult figures, suicide bombers with explosives strapped to them, as well as average people are included. They all find themselves in transit, going from one side to the other. Suicide bombers with explosives, sentences to death the heavily pregnant woman and batman, the avenger of the night.

A cruelly beautiful tableau of current affairs, this part of „Transit“ conveys grandiosity and grimacing. And like a roguish Woody Allen says: „I have no fear of dying. I just want to not be there when it happens. “

There is no way out for the fugitives. Their movement is perfection and tragedy at the same time. Korner has carried this subject with him for many years.

They say society needs new pictures to discuss migration. 

Voila – here is one.